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IDT's classic roller skis are some of the market's most directionally stable roller skis. The skis are developed and manufactured by IDT Solutions in Norway.
Comes with traffic orange color on mudguard.


Some of the market's best roller skis and the only product on the market that comes with a guarantee of directional stability.
With an aluminum stem processed and manufactured in Norway this ski will give you constant feedback from the surface and give you the "skilike" feeling you are looking for in summer conditions.
IDT's unique way of processing aluminium with tolerances that are only used in high-tech production lines and automation makes this ski just as good for beginners as for elite athletes.
There is no other weight limit on this ski and can be used by all weight and age classes.

Comment from Finansavisen's roller ski test:

"Test winner!
A compact, fast and fairly light ski with an aluminum stem. Worked well in turns and other change of direction.
It also had good directional stability and the shock absorption was almost as good as the Swenor Fiberglass.
Previously, we have gone a long way in slaughtering the product IDT started with, namely the roller ski that provides a gap if you press too far back.
Here, IDT has developed a roller ski that competes directly with the other suppliers. They do so with flying colors.
This IDT ski would be our first choice as an all-round ski."


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1062 g


750 mm

Wheel width

50 mm

Wheel diameter

68 mm


420,00 € Standardpreis
380,00 €Sale-Preis
inkl. MwSt.
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